Having a sturdy pair of trainers is essential in the gym. These sneakers from Lane Eight are great for lifting, running, & HIIT. They are also made primarily from recycled goods so you are not only investing in your feet, but also in the planet.

Pre Workout: I wish I was one of those people who could just go to the gym and be completely motivated to workout but unfortunately, I need the extra push pre workout gives me. I linked my favorite pre workout from Alani Nutrition (my favorite flavor is Hawaiian Shaved Ice).

Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are my absolute favorite thing in my gym bag. They are key to activation, warming up, and great to target your booty. (Resistance bands pictured are in the works!!!)

Barbell Pad: Having your own barbell pad at the gym is so handy. Some gyms don’t carry them, and honestly having your own is so much cleaner than sharing one with the entire gym. Using them for squats and hip thrusts prevents you from bruising your shoulders and hips.

Jump Rope: Having a jump rope is handy at home and at the gym. Using a jump rope for a couple minutes when you wake up in the morning is a great way to start the day while using it before a workout is a great way to get your heart rate up!

BCAAs: BCAAs are Brand Chain Amino Acids and assist in muscle recovery and can help decrease soreness and reduce exercise fatigue. I personally love Alani Nutrition’s brand and linked it here for your convenience.

Wireless Headphones: There is so much hype around airpods, but if they’re a bit pricey for you, check these out. They are $25, their batteries last forever, and you can charge them in any USB port.

A New Workout Outfit: This isn’t an essential, but there isn’t anything that motivates me to get into the gym more than a cute, new, workout outfit. Treat yourself, get a cute lil outfit, and hit the gym!

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