Every week, begin by setting goals for yourself. Plan the days you plan to workout, what workouts you will do, and what meals you will eat throughout the week. Grocery shop at the beginning of every week to ensure you have healthy snacks and meals on hand. Also, be sure to go into the gym with a pre-planned workout! By setting goals for yourself at the beginning of the week, you have a baseline to hold yourself accountable to!

First and foremost– get rid of your scale. It is so easy to step on the scale and obsess over the number you see and be discouraged if you are not losing “enough” weight. I cannot stress this enough: the scale is not an indicator of your progress. Begin to monitor your results by how you feel, your energy levels, and the progress you see when you look in the mirror. Additionally, a great way to track your progress is to track the weights you are lifting and the length of time you are performing cardio. By focusing on how you feel and by monitoring your performance, you can really begin to see real results. 

Plan well-balanced, nutrient dense meals. Plan meals in advance so that you can be sure that you have enough protein, that you’re eating your veggies, and to ensure you are not skipping out on your carbs and fats. Don’t restrict yourself from foods you love, but find alternatives to everyday foods that add unnecessary calories and unhealthy additives. Light Mayo is a great alternative to regular mayonnaise, almond milk is a great alternative to whole milk, and I have come to love frozen chocolate covered fruits to satisfy chocolate cravings. There are so many ways to satiate yourself and see results!


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